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Peggy June Cloud

August 9, 1935 ~ February 21, 2018 (age 82)

Peggy J Cloud, 82 of Littleton, CO passed away on Feb 21, 2018 after a short but courageous battle with cancer.

Peggy was born on Aug 9, 1935 in the family home in Canyon City, OR to Dewey and Mildred Benson. Peggy attended the Mt Vernon, OR schools and graduated high school in 1953.

On Sep 3, 1954 she married Lyle Cloud in Mt Vernon, OR. Peggy is survived by husband Lyle, children Ron, Roger, Karen and Kevin (Kim) and grandson JD (Joshua Daniel) Cloud; siblings Loyce Phillips of John Day, OR, Jack Benson (Marlene) of Canby, OR and Sherrie Allen (Harley) of Mt Vernon, OR, and brother-in-law Roger A Cloud of Mt Vernon, OR. Many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends also survive Peggy across the USA.

Peggy’s Life Story that follows is a chronological summary of and descriptions of her life events.

• Childhood in Mt Vernon, OR

This is a summary by her brother Jack A Benson during his visit to Colorado on 15,16 & 17 Feb 2018.Peggy & I

- One of my first memories was our outhouse on what we called our ranch in Mt Vernon, OR. It was dark and I was in doing my business when Peggy threw a rock at the structure and scared me to the point that I would not go out again at night by myself.

- I recall we had an old radio (battery operated) that we would listen to at night, which was the only time we could get reception in the Mt Vernon area. We would take turns holding the copper wire for better reception. Typical shows I remember we liked were: The Green Valley, Fiber Magee & Mollie, Sky King, Sgt Preston of the Yukon to name a few.

- We always had animals on the ranch and our favorites were our dogs Rover and Tobie, our milk cow Goldie and a cat we called Tommy Johnson. We also had hogs, chickens, a team of horses ( Bonnie and Babe).

- We lived next to the John Day River and had a footbridge across which we would fish for suckers or trout using a willow branch with string and a safety pin with bacon for a hook and bait.

- We had the usual cases of mumps, measles, chicken pox and of course each would have them at different time while growing up and we would make fun of each other.

- Later Peggy loved horses and we had a mare that Peggy rode with her friends and their horses as they traveled all over the local mountains to the south where “Cinnabar” is located.

- Peggy was the most wonderful sister a brother could have. She was always there for me. She always protected me, provided guidance and always came to my rescue in any situation.

- I always knew she was special as anytime Peggy would visit us and time came to say goodbye she would always shed a tear. I now know how much she loved me and now is the time for me to shed many tears.

• School Years in Mt Vernon, OR

- While attending school in Mt Vernon, Peggy always participated in school government, was a cheerleader for all sports while also participating in Varsity Volleyball. She was also the prom Queen and was a member of the Queens Court during the Grant County Fair. This last event indicates her love for horses.

- During these years she always commented on how she loved that her sister Loyce and her husband Stan Phillips would include Peggy in trips to the movies and many other activities that otherwise Peggy would not have been able to attend.

- Peggy’s school years ended with graduation from Mt Vernon, OR high school with the class of 53.

• The Beginning Dance

- Peggy’s mother Mildred was an excellent piano player and played for many of the local community dances in and around Grant County OR. Peggy would go with her mother to many of these dances and in early 1951 at the Dayville, OR Community Hall, a dance was shared by Peggy and Lyle which started events that were to last for some 67 years.

- Lyle entered the Air Force in Nov 1951 and in Aug 1954 returned home after serving two years at Tachikawa Air Force base in Japan and on 3 Sep 1954 Peggy and Lyle were married in the Presbyterian Church in Mt Vernon, OR.

• Family Migration

- Following our marriage we spent 14 months in Georgia at Turner Air Force Base. We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas of 1955 in the Mt Vernon, OR area before we went on to Minnesota where Lyle attended the University of Minnesota. While in Minnesota our children Ron, Roger and Karen were born. After about 7 years in Minnesota we went on to Idaho Falls, ID for 4 years during which time our son Kevin was born. After Idaho Falls, we went to the Cupertino, CA area for three years. Then in the summer of 1969 we made a move to Littleton, CO where Lyle had accepted an engineering work assignment with Martin Marietta. We located at 7120 South Chase Court at that time which is still home today.

• Family Life at the Clouds

- During the growing years of our family it was important to have someone at home when the children went off to school or whatever. It was important for someone to be at home when they returned from the daily activities during these growing years. When one of the children would miss dinner due to an after school activity or summer sports activity, she would keep a plate of food warm in the oven for them once they returned home. Because of this family belief, Peggy was a homemaker during the growing years of our children.

- Peggy loved to cook and always had cookies, cakes, brownies and other treats for anyone who might visit the Cloud home.

- Peggy loved to have Sunday Family Meals and did so right up to the end. Any nieces, nephews and their families who might have been in the area were always invited and made to feel as family. These same nieces and nephews who might have resided in the Littleton area also became part of all birthday celebrations that were usually held at the Olive Garden or Outback Steak House. The birthday celebrations always finished at 7120 South Chase Court with cake, ice cream, cards and gifts.

• Empty Nest Time

- Peggy and Lyle took many trips, including a visit to Alaska. While visiting different areas from Kodiak to Fairbanks during the week, weekends were spent with Lyle’s brother Roger near Anchorage. They also visited Hawaii several times, enjoying the trips with brother Jack and family as well as with sister Loyce and husband Stan. They enjoyed many other trips across the wonderful USA with Loyce and Stan, including a trip to the northeast to see the fall foliage of New England. They also visited Philadelphia, New York and the Washington DC area. Trips also took them through the Carolinas and also to see many of the different shows in Branson MO.

- Peggy enjoyed trips to Reno where met by members of the Cloud, Benson and Phillips families. There were many trips to Las Vegas that included special trips with daughter Karen. Peggy always joked that she went along with Karen to carry the bucket for all of Karen’s winnings! Other times she was also joined by family members that sometimes included gatherings of the female clan, including her sisters and several nieces.

- After the children had left the nest, Peggy worked at various libraries in the South Jeffco area and also worked at Rothman Publishing where she was to become very close friends with Evelyn and Nancy who lunched together to the very end.

• A Daughter’s Best Friend

- Her and I are famous for our Vegas trips. We always went in May and Oct.

- I know we started in the 80’s and never stopped. We always had a great time just doing what ever we wanted. Soon Loyce became our partner in Vegas.

- One time during our mother/daughter trip we were sitting at a buffet and this old man was telling dirty jokes that cousin Heidi and I could both hear. Both her and I were laughing so hard that we had tears in our eyes. One time Dad, Ron and Roger joined us and on another time Ron and Roger joined us. Roger joined us during our last trip in Oct 2017.

- For many years our first stop was at the purple palace, Casino Royale to play the Wheel of Fortune. There is a machine we call her machine now as it was so much fun to see her win. It was nice when I got to haul her bucket of money.

- I will never forget these trips as we always had so much fun.

- We were also known for going out to lunch together every Monday. Once in a while we would even stop and have an ice cream cone.

- The most important thing about my mom was that she was always there for me no matter what. She was my mother and my best friend. I think that says it all.

• Hand Made Quilts

- In 1969, Peggy got interested in quilting. She loved to make hand made bed quilts and quilted ones for Ron, Roger Karen, Kevin and JD. Her quilt for grandson JD was a beautiful dinosaur quilt, which he cherishes to this day. She quilted many and gave special quilts to family members, which are loved by all. Peggy was still getting compliments on quilts she completed some 20 years ago.

• Benson and Moore Reunions

- During the early years of Peggy’s life the family reunions were most every year for the Benson Clan and a similar one for the Moore Clan. Peggy always talked about these reunions as she would see cousins, aunts, uncles and other family members that she would not see on a regular basis in the Grant County area.

- There were periods that these reunions were no longer held and about four years ago the Benson cousins decided to restart a COUSIN REUNION and having these in the John Day and Mt Vernon area where they could tour their ancestor area in detail and review history as told by various members of the Benson Clan.

- Peggy always loved these several days of the reunions as she was reunited with many cousins and families that she had not seen in quite some time because at this time in their lives they were located at various places in the USA.

• Grandson and Grandma

- JD is the only grandchild. JD grew up in the Littleton area and spent much time with grandma, especially in his younger years. Grandma was a permanent fixture at all of JD’s sporting events, from his early t-ball, basketball and soccer days through high school varsity baseball. She loved watching JD play sports. Grandma was always very proud of JD and loved him tremendously. JD cherished his grandma.

• End of Dance

- On Feb 21, 2018 at approximately 2:43 pm the music stopped with the passing of Peggy.

- With Lyle and the four children and the Porter Hospice Residence Chaplin Terry Hruska present it was suggested by the Chaplin that the family including him join in a family circle ring of holding hands while each family member cite a special remembrance of our beloved Peggy. During this time many tears flowed and it all ended with a prayer by Chaplin Terry.

- With the stopping of the music and the prayer The Dance on this earth is over.

• Tidbits and What Matters Most

- When we review the above writings, there are many forgotten things that come to mind and should be added as part of moms life story. For example, the light blue jacket with the red bow tie she made for Kevin to wear at sister Sherrie and Harley’s wedding in John Day OR, her close friends the Bradburns from Idaho Falls ID, many family members and friends at the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrated at Columbine Country Club, others like being snowbound in New Mexico or the many trips to the doctor’s office when the kids had a mishap.

- We recall the trip across the Colorado Rockies in a VW double cab pickup where campfire chile and roasted marsh mellows were the main dish, or the many trips to Oregon for family gatherings, including the one where the car ran out of gas just before Rawlins, WYO. These trips in part followed the old Oregon Trail, and along the way she would ask “how would you like to come through here in a covered wagon,” reminding us of the hardships it took our ancestors to get there. We also remember the visits to the beaches of California to play in the sand or the many baseball and softball games she attended, these are just a few of too many things to try and include in this….but the love between Peggy, her immediate and extended families, her friends and neighbors or anyone who has ever known her will be deeply missed and never forgotten, that is what matters most.


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